The Uyuni Rug Collection by Louis De Poortere

The Uyuni Rug Collection by Louis De Poortere features the brand's Uyuni Tunupa Rug and the Uyuni Colchani Rug - both boast an enchanting visual texture achieved through small and irregular lines achieved through 95% cotton yarns using a machine woven jacquard flatweave technique. Discover the 2 colourways of the Louis De Poortere Tunupa Rug and the 3 colourways of the Louis De Poortere Colchani Rug below. 

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Louis De Poortere Uyuni Tunupa Rug - 8888 Brine & Brown

A fine, horizontal striped luxury rug, the Tunupa Rug - 8888 Brine & Brown by Louis De Poor..

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Modern Rugs and Contemporary Rugs

The Uyuni Tunpura Rug design by Louis De Poortere is a high-quality flat woven rug that boasts numerous different coloured/ toned yarns for diverse layers and amples of structure to reflect the visual texture of the renowned Salar de Uyuni - the world's largest salt flat based in Bolivia. The different cotton chenille and the dyed wools of the Uyuni Tunpura Rug have been woven in horizontal ripples for a beautiful array of light and dark tones. The Uyuni Tunpura Rug has been designed in two colourways - Brine and Brown, Blue and Salt. This modern rug boasts small flecks of colour amongst the light and dark neutral tones for a contemporary and eye-catching rug design. The Uyuni Colchani Rug boasts a similar design to the Uyuni Tunpura Rug however instead of irregular horizontal lines, the Uyuni Colchani Rug features an intricate criss-cross aesthetic. The Uyuni Colchani Rug has been designed in a range of three unique colourways - Cloud and Sun, Citrine Load and Cactus Seed. All three of the colourways consist of a singular colour in multiple tones woven in with white yarns for a faded style. Finding inspiration in the world's largest salt expanse, the Louis De Poortere designers have created two contemporary styled rugs that feature a modern interpretation of the colours and textures of the Salar de Uyuni. Discover the full Louis De Poortere rug collection via our dedicated Louis De Poortere brand page.