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French brand Ibride creates designer furniture that takes inspiration from the natural world. It’s unique and modern design will suit eclectic interior design schemes. Designer storage units, tables and stools range in hard wearing materials. 

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iBride Ravens Adam Decorative Raven


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iBride Sultan Dog Stool

With a regal name and a regal stance the ibride Sultan Dog Stool is a side table or occasional seati..

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iBride Ravens Edger Decorative Raven

Surreal and strikingly attractive, the ibride Edgar Raven is part of the larger Ravens Collection pr..

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iBride Diva Ostrich Wall Console

A truly original and quirky addition to your furniture collection, the ibride Diva Ostrich Wall Cons..

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iBride Rex Big Dog Stool

A modern and immediately eye catching piece for your home, the ibride Rex Big Dog Stool is a great w..

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iBride Fausto Ibex Wall Storage

The ibride Fausto Ibex Wall Storage is a seriously original and unusual piece of furniture which add..

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iBride Ravens Gustav Decorative Raven

With its head turned and wings flat against its back the ibride Gustav Raven is a curious and intere..

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iBride Elise Pure Breed Console

Like many of the other pieces in the ibride collection, the Elisee Pure Breed Console takes its shap..

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iBride Ravens Jack Decorative Raven

The ibride Jack Raven is part of the designer’s whimsical collection of zoomorphic designs for the h..

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iBride Junior Small Bear Central Bookcase

With a warm and cuddly feel, despite its stark construction the ibride Junior Polar Bear Bookcase is..

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iBride Ravens Alfred Decorative Raven

Part of the larger quirky Raven Collection offered by ibride, Alfred Raven is positioned in a regal ..

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iBride Joe Big Bear Central Bookcase

Commanding attention with its sheer size and presence, the ibride Joe Polar Bear Bookcase stands tal..

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Eclectic Shelves, Console Tables and Stools

With a playful and inviting company name which attracts attention, ibride are a trio of French design visionaries and business experts who have created a range of unique and quirky pieces displayed in our collection at Naken Interiors. Ibride, a play on word of the French word meaning ‘hybrid’ epitomises what this company does as their pieces question the way in which we see things and the relationship between furniture and its users. The company has allowed the lead designer to think freely and create true example of statement furniture for the modern home.

It was in 1996 that ibride came into being, when twenty-four year old Carine Jannin combined her business acumen with the exceptional visionary talents of both graphic and regular designers, Rachel and Benoît Convers. The trio together have forged ahead in the interior design world and have created internationally renowned designs which could only be associated with ibride.

More than simply creating furniture, ibride seek to change our perceptions and thinking about it, with a real dedication to bestowing a human, real presence to their pieces. The aesthetic qualities of their furniture cannot be questioned but beyond this many of their pieces provoke thought, discussion and much more, drawing in more and more appeal and intrigue.

Ibride has achieved something exceptional in the interior design world, recognisable pieces that are intrinsically ibride in design. The core elements which combine their pieces together and are hallmarks of their style are the animalistic nature of the pieces, their de-structured simple shape style and the graphical stamp which makes them almost museum like in their construction and appearance.

With a commitment to using both French materials and those sourced from their travels worldwide, many of ibride’s pieces are impressive in more ways than one. They also seek to combine a number of functions in a single piece, to demonstrate the fluidity of purpose in each object in our homes.

Ornate animal themes are present throughout the ibride collection, with many pieces have a magical, whimsical feel. Pieces such as a simple chest of drawers taken on the shape of a Doe, with hooves and other elements so it becomes much more than just storage and in fact a piece which automatically draws in the eye. This is true of the whole collection from the Cirrus Cloud Shelf to the Sultan Dog Stool. We have pieces in our range across many different categories from chairs to storage to bookcases. There is a fairy tale feel about their Hidden range of chairs, which cleverly utilise unusual lines and angles to create real whimsy and originality in each piece.

Each piece in the ibride collection is an example of precision engineering and exacting design to result in exceptionally eye-catching and original furniture unlike anything you may find in any other design house. In terms of unique design ibride’s vision and creativity is second to none yet many of their pieces work seamlessly together and could be positioned throughout your space in many different rooms creating cohesion throughout.

Please explore the ibride collection at Naken Interiors below.